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The Brown lab is focused on the evolution and diversity of microbial eukaryotes. We have 3 main research foci: 1) the evolution of eukaryotes as a whole using phylogenomics, 2) evolution of fruiting behaviors by means of social multicellularity or unicellular amoebae forming fruiting structures alone. 3) comparative genomics on the diversity of amoeboid taxa.

Our lab is broadly interested in the evolution of sociality in microbes. We are developing model systems to look at the commonalities among the greatest examples of convergent evolution known to date. We have discovered that a great diversity of single celled eukaryotic microbes (AKA protists) are capable of working with one another to form a complex body made of thousands of individual cells. This is one of the simplest and most striking examples of emergent behavior. In many cases, this behavior is sacrificial where some of the cells that become part of the multicellular body die for the “greater good” of their kin. To examine the commonalities amongst the various social protists, we are taking a multi-pronged approach using comparative genomics and developmental transcriptomics to elucidate the genetic basis of sociality.

Our lab is also interested in examining the deep evolution of eukaryotic lineages. We are using novel approaches in phylogenomics to examine how the various major groups of eukaryotes evolved over the course of the last ~2 billion years. We are currently focused on the evolutionary histories of amoeboid organisms.



Seminar Videos

TREE-PF-LOGO-SMALLPhyloFisher - A Phylogenetically Aware Package for Phylogenomics Presented by Matthew Brown PhD on 5/14/2020 as part of the Protist Genomics Seminar Series.

^ = undergraduate trainee, + = graduate trainee, ` = postdoc trainee, ® = visiting graduate trainee
@ = Peer-Reviewed, $ = Editorial Review, ~ = Preprint/Not reviewed

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Publications: Under Revision, Under Review, or Submitted:

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Published Abstracts:
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